Espire Pro Key Features


The Espire’s removable 3000 mAh battery can provide the user with a full day of function, even with wrist rotators and multi-articulating hands. Each Espire Pro comes with two easily interchangeable batteries.

The battery compartment and power button are easily accessible for the patient. The power can also be routed to a switch located elsewhere on the prosthesis.

The battery charging dock allows the user to plug in the battery using only one hand. The charger can quickly refuel the battery in as little as 3.5 hours.

Espire Charger


The Espire Pro features electronic, silent free swing. This revolutionary feature can be activated using an input from myo signals, such as co-contract or doublepulse. The Espire also offers automatic free swing. Both configurations are easily set up via the Espire Hub app.

Free Swing Range of Motion


College Park designed the Espire’s gearbox with safety in mind. When the elbow is locked, it is secure in both positions. It will not extend nor flex toward the user with gravity.

For optimal safety and usability, the Espire’s lock is engaged when the user stops moving the elbow.

Gear Box


Featuring TruSignal™ technology, College Park’s AC Myo Electrodes can accurately filter the user’s myo signals at the source. These on-electrode boards allow the prosthetist to place the electrodes wherever they can get the best signal. TruSignal technology independently filters signals, sending them directly to the elbow.



Understanding the importance of a lightweight prosthesis, College Park implemented an optimal center of mass.

Competition vs. Espire

With the most proximal center of mass on the market, the Espire feels lighter to the user.


One quick second to full extension gives the user anatomical, controlled movement.



Lift and hold with confidence. The Espire’s unique gearbox allows for a very powerful elbow capable of performing all everyday tasks.

Lift and Hold;